City Information System for Warsaw

The City Information System for Warsaw is one of the largest and most important projects achieved by Towarzystwo Projektowe. CIS was a pioneer study in Poland in the field of city signs. It included all types of city information and initiated creation of the units responsible for comprehensive image and promotion of Warsaw. Graphic and industrial designs of the components of city information (road direction signs, direction signs for pedestrians, street plates, address signs, maps) were preceded by a series of studies and analyses in order to determine the informative features of the space itself,

the components of the city space important for the population from the perspective of information, scope of impact of area names or the needs of the disabled people regarding the city information. The CIS project became a model to follow for many cities in Poland. It affected not only the functional sphere but also the iconographic sphere, being invoked not only in many city information systems but also in other types of activities such as promotion or politics. This can be illustrated with this humorous video below.


Grzegorz Niwiński
Jerzy Porębski
Michał Stefanowski

Marta Kusztra
Konrad Majkowski
Albert Salamon

Gmina Warszawa Centrum


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