Sofas Altair

System of Altair modular seats was developed for outfitting hotel spaces and other public interiors. For the first time it was used in the general spaces and suites of a five-star Reneissance by Marriott hotel in Warsaw. Its modern form refers to the history of the Polish design, in particular the designs of the 1960s. Four modules and three connecting elements were developed, making it possible to create various functional arrangements.

The design received recognition from the Marriott management in London, Manufaktura in Łódź as well as Desa Unicum, and the manufacturer decided to include the armchairs and the sofas in its regular product range. Since its premiere in 2017 in Milan, where first prototypes were showcased, system of modular furniture comprising approximately 200 versions has been developed.


Jerzy Porębski
Grzegorz Niwiński