Vistula District

Wisła district in Warsaw is a strip of greenery along both banks of the river on an approx. 30 kilometre section. The area is currently under thorough cleaning process and made available to the city’s population for the tourism and recreation purposes. Left bank is being turned into a city’s boulevard with well-developed infrastructure. The right bank is prepared “wild”, becoming a natural phenomenon Europe-wise. The design of the system is different than the general city’s information in order to mark the uniqueness of the strip along the river and to adapt the system to the natural environment. For the aforementioned reasons, we used materials that are somehow connected with riverside infrastructure (concrete, steel)

and implemented information colours different from the general colours used in Warsaw. Information equipment has exquisite resistance, as it is installed in flooding areas, and sometimes it will need to resist the forces of water. Signs marking access to the Wisła river, direction information, pedestrian and bicycle route signs, local information about interesting places along the river, maps and technical information were designed. Several among these categories are inspired with the river signs (boards with digits cut out, specifying the river mileage). Elements corresponding with the information equipment were used to implement street workout equipment.



Jakub Marzoch
Grzegorz Niwiński
Jerzy Porębski

UM Warszawa