Interior of the Polish Embassy in Skopje

The building of the Polish Embassy in Skopje is located near a national park and Vodno mountain in a quarter of stately buildings. It is surrounded by government and foreign mission buildings. The building has four storeys and a usable area of approximately 600 square meters, and was erected in 2008 for office or official purposes. It is positively distinguished among nearby structures with simple, modernistic envelope and a particular architectural detail in the form of façade divisions and external shutters. The location of the Embassy, its scale, quality and timeless style among the surrounding buildings make it a great representation of Poland and a clear message of our position in Europe.

After minor reconstructions, the interiors constitute functional space both for office and entertainment purposes. Our design included: interior finishing, selection of furniture, design of original furniture and outfitting items, space organization, visual information, arts display, selection of glass and china and various additions as well as a list of promotion materials, gifts and publications. When developing such an extensive and comprehensive project, we strived to build the image of Poland, promoting Polish artists and designers as well as to show, yet not openly, direct Polish-Macedonian connections.


Grzegorz Niwiński
Jerzy Porębski

Barbara Dobrzyńska
Jan Garncarek
Julia Cybis
Sabina Błażejowska

Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych