Summer café

The project of a temporary café was implemented in order to make use of and bring life to the empty square in front of Pałac Kultury i Nauki in Warsaw. The specifics of the location (nearby Pałac and size of the square) required special program and spatial solutions. The complete arrangement of the area included a bar, the existing stone bleachers, scene and a summer cinema screen.

The system adapted the existing greenery and created space for approx. 500 chairs for the spectators. The existing bleachers were used as back-end facilities for the café. The bar was made up of a counter and a roof – 20 m long and 7 m high. The roof had a form of a screen tilted at a 60° angle – made of a vinyl banner printed on both sides and supported on five poles. City information system for Warsaw


Jerzy Porębski

Zarząd PKiN