Bus stop for Warsaw

Design of a public transportation stop for Warsaw comprising a shelter, a pole, a bench, a trash bin, limiting barriers, an advertising column and a sand box ranked on the first place in an architectural competition organized by the City. Implementation of the project constituted one of the first examples of private-public partnership in Poland. The competition required that the (so-called “competition”) shelter, which is the most important equipment of a bus stop, should become a hallmark of the city space.

The original design is based on a combination of a gate-shape and a plane of the back wall. A range with different sizes ensures that it can be adapted to various spatial arrangements and passenger numbers. A prototype shelter was executed in Sweden in cooperation with Tejbrant and delivered to Warsaw as a complete unit. Process and cost optimization was conducted with AMS, shelter operator.


Grzegorz Niwiński
Jerzy Porębski

Piotr Stolarski

UM Warszawa


Konkurs na projekt przystanku dla Warszawy
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