Photovoltaic street lighting system

A universal solution enabling lighting of particularly dangerous points along public roads (pedestrian crossings, crossroads with roads without the right of way, curves) without the need of connecting to the power grid. Currently, apart from the road network, the system is also used for lighting of small items of municipal infrastructure (playgrounds, sports fields). Universal mounting components make it also possible to install the lights so

that they are directed onto vertical surfaces (advertising, information boards). The system comprises: a support structure (pole), structure for installation of hybrid supply system (1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 photovoltaic modules and a wind generator), protective enclosures for batteries and electronic components, luminaire arm and a luminaire made of aluminium section in special design. The system uses LED technology.



Barbara Dobrzyńska
Grzegorz Niwiński
Jerzy Porębski

Wojciech Piwowarczyk

J.D. Inżynieria Ruchu